Search Engine Marketing Isn’t Dead – You Can Rank 1st!

Search Engine Marketing Isn’t Dead – You Can Rank 1st!

For many website owners, it has started to become increasingly arduous to manipulate Googles SERPs effectively, due to their basic need for high quality content, quality backlinks and social trust signals.

This has resulted in a widely held belief that search engine marketing is no longer feasible in the way that it was previously….. at least not in any cost effect way.

To a certain extent, this is right. If you expect to still rank well using very poor quality, old style Search Engine Optimization techniques, then you are destined to find it hard.

To have a positive affect on your Google search results you need to provide what Google likes to see…. quality, trust and niche authority.

Google use the following low quality ranking signals to penalise sites:

    • excessively used keyword density
    • high volumes of exact match keyword anchor text
    • associations with undesirable neighbourhoods
    • receiving links from link farms

It is not possible to show up well in Google’s search listings if you engage in any of these practices as part of your Optimization strategies or processes.

Google want quality in all things and there are some strategies you can embrace to communicate trust, authority and quality.

Sharing indicators from social media are utilised by Google because they are very difficult to fake but are a great indicator of high quality, helpful content that real people like and find useful or valuable.

Google trusts a number of popular review websites and uses those testimonials as a sign of trust and authority pertaining to your products and services as well as your Brand.

SERPs are directly influenced by the value of your Brand online. The relevance, user behaviour & quality are all significant for your google search results.

Google used to count upon backlinks as their main popularity sign. While Backlinks are still a hugely important metric, they now count bad links against you, as well as good ones in your favour.

An important part of your search engine marketing strategy should include link building services from Deeho who focus on the creation of high quality links from influential sites that will have the biggest impact on your rankings.

Staying clear of bad quality signals has never been more beneficial.

Every search phrase used will result in Google delivering what it considers is the most relevant result.

Giving a search result that:

        • Loads quickly
        • Is completely unique
        • Your visitors like and engage with
        • External links to relevant trusted sites
        • Is hosted on a unique IP
        • Is unconnected to bad neighbourhoods
        • Has a natural, link profile from trusted, related, themed resources
        • Conveys Brand quality

Your web site will rank on the front page of Google if you meet the requirements above while also avoiding triggering any of Google’s poor website quality filtering metrics.

Almost any web-site can appear on the front page of Google provided it carries the required quality indicators and doesn’t pass any signals of a bad quality site.