Learn To Swim

Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim

In the height of summer, when the days are hot and long, and the school holidays are giving kids a sense of freedom and fun, there is, unfortunately, a lurking statistic. Every year, youngsters drown because they can’t swim.

It is that some children, not many, we all trust, but a precious few, will die. A few, is of course too many, but it is an undeniable fact, that as the summer heat builds up, the spectre of children drowning will raise its head.

Teaching your child to swim is one of life’s little insurance policies. It can’t ensure that something untoward can be Continue reading “Learn To Swim”

Council House Construction In The UK

Council House Building in Britain

In the years before The First World War, housing in Britain was almost all supplied by private builders, whether under contract to firms and businesses, or private enterprise.

The industrial growth of the nineteenth century had drawn housing close to the working heart, of the mines, the shipbuilders, the steel mills or cotton mills. Indeed, railway companies built complete communities to ensure that their railways would be used.

With little planning, long streets of terraced housing appeared in Continue reading “Council House Construction In The UK”

Search Engine Marketing Isn’t Dead – You Can Rank 1st!

Search Engine Marketing Isn’t Dead – You Can Rank 1st!

For many website owners, it has started to become increasingly arduous to manipulate Googles SERPs effectively, due to their basic need for high quality content, quality backlinks and social trust signals.

This has resulted in a widely held belief that search engine marketing is no longer feasible in the way that it was previously….. at least not in any cost effect way.

To a certain extent, this is Continue reading “Search Engine Marketing Isn’t Dead – You Can Rank 1st!”

Driving Without Insurance

No Insurance Offences

With the often huge cost of motor insurance, there is an ever growing problem in the UK of motorists driving without insurance.

While this is an offence, perhaps even more serious is the potential damage you can inflict with a car, potentially life changing injuries you can cause and even death.

Car insurance exists so that any third party that you inflict damage or injury to can be swiftly and easily compensated for their loss. Imagine if you caused an accident from which an innocent person was left Continue reading “Driving Without Insurance”

How To Stay Safe Shopping Online

Shopping Securely Online

Shopping online today is becoming more and more popular, with almost three quarters of the population having used it in the last year.

Its convenience is undoubted, where else could you buy a pair of shoes at midnight, whilst dressed in pyjamas?

There are, like high street shopping, some basic steps to guard yourself Continue reading “How To Stay Safe Shopping Online”